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Vax-D Non-Surgical Therapy for Back Pain

Many people have at one time or another experienced the onset of debilitating back pain. It could be the result of anything from trying to lift a heavy object to playing with their children. All of a sudden there is a searing pain and then the body no longer functions as it should. Trying to stand up or in some cases even walk is all but impossible. A trip to the doctor’s office for x-rays and then an MRI reveals a herniated disk. In the past this prognosis most often meant surgical intervention and a long recovery. But modern advances in medical technology have produced an alternative to going under the knife for many people. Vax-D Treatments

VAX-D to the Rescue!

Called vertical axial decompression therapy, VAX-D treatment begins by having the patient lie face down on a computer controlled table. The patient, who has donned a pelvic harness, grasps two handgrips. To begin treatment, the table separates slightly stretching the patients back. Therapy consists of alternately stretching and relaxing the spine in order to relieve pressure. The handgrips allow the patient to halt treatment at any time by merely releasing the handgrips. . Developed by Dr. Allen E. Dyer MD, VAX-D was developed specifically to treat herniated or degenerated disks by lowering spinal pressure to create a partial vacuum that can then retract the disk. Many times even a large protruding disk can be retracted to where it is supposed to be using this treatment.

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